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Gifts and Free Advice is a General Interest Blog about anything we consider a Pop Culture Good Read (Sports, Blues Music, Rock Music, Femme Fatales from the Past in Bikinis, Computer tips and help, Blogging Advice; Reviews: TV, Music, Electronics including Home Theater and Home Audio, DVDS, CDs, Movies; Online Dating Tips, Money Saving Advice, Money Making Secrets, E-Commerce, Comic Books) basically anything and everything that we think would be entertaining, helpful or both! The Gifts and Free Advice Blog averages between 100,000 to 200,000 unique readers each month. If you are interested in advertising on Gifts and Free Advice, please contact us at Hifihifi68 at So you don’t waste your time, all advertisements must be paid in full in advance of the ad running- we don’t believe the check is in the mail, sorry! If you don’t do business that way fine we’re not for you.

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