Apollo 13 Psychic Energy: Did Psychic Energy Save Apollo 13 and Space Program

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I just saw a great NBC Dateline on Apollo 13 that I found incredibly mesmerizing and much more intense then the actual Tom Hanks Apollo 13 movie and it scared the crap out of me even though I knew the results! All of which got me thinking how the hell with everything that went wrong with the Apollo 13 space mission compounded with 1970 technology did Apollo 13 Astronauts James A. Lovell, Jack Swigert and Fred W. Haise make it back to Earth alive? I concluded one thing and I actually attribute this also to the incredible record of the American Space Program: Psychic Energy! I know this sounds nuts and I’m not saying I’m right but without trying to minimize the great job of our Astronauts and NASA’s Mission Control, from the outside looking in, I don’t know what else it could be. Of course, the Psychic Energy I’m referring to is probably faith multiplied by billions of people at the same time.

Here is my theory in a nutshell. In NASA’s manned missions to outer space up to to and including the first Moon Landing, millions of Americans were glued to their TV sets watching and keeping track of all the Manned Space Flights as well as the rest of the world. So at those particular moments in time billions of people both hoped and believed the Space Missions would be successful and that NASA’s Astronauts would come back alive. They all did. During that time the only mission related fatality NASA experienced was on January 27, 1967 the command module for Apollo 1 caught fire tragically killing Astronauts Ed White, Roger Chaffee and Gus Grissom during a pre-launch test at Cape Kennedy. At that time, billions of people weren’t focused on the Apollo 1 Astronauts safety for they were still on the ground in training. I apologize if it sounds like I am being insensitive which isn’t my intention but the bottom line is I wonder if billions of people were focused on specific individuals safety, if maybe that can keep them safe? Of course there’s really no way to prove or disprove that notion. I will say that when President John F. Kennedy was shot, there must have been at least millions of people hoping he would survive but at that point I believe that there’s not enough psychic energy around to save someone with that much physical damage.

Getting back to Apollo 13 and psychic energy contributing to saving the Apollo 13 Astronauts, what impressed me the most hearing directly from the Apollo 13 Astronauts and the Director of Mission Control on Dateline was the incredible positive attitude and confidence they had in fixing their seemingly insurmountable problem and not allowing themselves to panic or think negative thoughts whatsoever during the crisis. I truly believe that their confident positive energy plus the psychic energy of the rest of the world wishing for their safety, got the Apollo 13 Astronauts back home alive. As far as the rest of NASA’s Manned Missions, the tragic fatalities in Space occurred when people no longer to any great extent followed those missions. Maybe if we all had, our positive psychic energy might have somehow prevented these tragedies. But then again what do I know- my features on comic book super heroines in bikinis are the most “read” posts in this blog! Doesn’t it seem incredible though that NASA had such a great success rate in the early days on manned space flights given our limited technology at the time? Please check out our large Online Discount Gift Store Click Here and our other Online Discount Stores below which helps support this politically incorrect blog. Thank you.

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