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My Favorite Day at Yankee Stadium, Whitey Ford Day, Sep 9, 1961 I Met Phil Rizzuto and Saw Yogi Berra Nude Accidentally as a 9 Year Old in the locker, Ha Ha!

Now that Yankee Stadium is no more, I’d like to share with you my greatest day in Sports when as a 9 year old living in New York City, on September 9, 1961, on Whitey Ford Day, my father who did advertising for one of the New York Yankees clients, got us first row box seats and an invitation to watch the Mel Allen show live in person. Those were the good old days and I worshiped everything about the Yankees then. Eventually I discovered girls and I lost interest in baseball and the Yankees. But my late father used to take me to a lot of baseball games when I was a kid and those were my best times with him.