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Before Watchmen Comics Pathetic Weak Writing Without Grit

Before Watchmen Review: Instead of fireworks, Before Watchmen is a Dud with no originality, energy or spark except for the Minutemen series.

DC Comics Wonder Woman Breast Reduction PC Mistake

DC Comics Wonder Woman Breast Reduction is a PC mistake thatwill cost DC Comics millions in sales by doing the comic book version of Netflix ignoring consumers

Wonder Woman Gets Breast Implants Wonder Woman TV Show Episode One

Wonder Woman 2011 TV Series Episode 1 will explain the origin of Wonder Woman’s Breast Implants I think

Wonder Woman TV First Photo Wonder Woman Implants Adrianne Palicki

First photo of Wonder Woman TV 2011 Wonder Woman Adrianne Palicki in her Wonder Woman Costume revealing her breast implants.

Wonder Woman Sex on Wonder Woman TV Series Will She or Won’t She?

Will Wonder Woman have sex on the upcoming Wonder Woman TV Series starring Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman?

Wonder Woman Adrianne Palicki Implants Hows That Work NBC?

Wonder Woman Adrianne Palicki Implants will make the NBC Wonder Woman TV Series lose credibility. See Wonder Woman Adrianne Palicki bikini

Wonder Woman TV Julia Benson Stargate Universe Rough but Perfect

The only woman who should play Wonder Woman on NBC is Stargate Universe actress Julia Benson, who has a natural large breasted hour glass figure.

Wonder Woman Movie Breast Implants Wonder Woman Actress Issues

For the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. somehow the issue of Wonder Woman Breast size, specifically Actress Breast Implants or lack of size doesn’t seem to be addressed.

Fantastic Four Death is BS All Superheroes Get Resurrected

Fantastic Four Death is BS All Superheroes Get Resurrected

Artist Steve Dillon Comic Book Art Influenced by Actor Mike Starr?

Did Comic Book Artist Steve Dillon (Punisher, Preacher) develop his unique style based on character Actor Mike Starr (Goodfellas, Dumb and Dumber)?