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Comic Books That Would Be Great Cable TV Series But NOOOOOOO!

One of the great disappointments in my life is that HBO punked out of making its agreed TV series on Garth Ennis “Preacher” one of the greatest, funniest, freakish comic series of all times allegedly because they decided it was too violent. “Preacher” I believe is being turned into a movie but 2 hours or so is not enough to do this magnificent comic book justice. HBO in my opinion are a bunch of fools. They’d rather cancel “Deadwood” and essentially replace it with the super dull, slow and boring “John from Cincinnati”. Here’s a list of 5 incredible comic books that would make great cable TV series as opposed to network TV series because of the content but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I’m guessing most if not all of these have options to be made into movies which is better than noting but millions of people would have been delighted to watch weekly hour TV series instead.