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Want a Job Immediately: Haul Craigslist Stuff

Want a Job Immediately: Haul Craigslist Stuff

Job Interview Tips: The Phone Interview

Job Interview Tips: The Phone Interview

Workman’s Compensation How To Get Workman’s Comp

How To Get Workman’s Comp

How to Save Your Kids From Unemployment and Layoffs

If your kids are under 21, here’s a game plan you might consider and discuss with them where applicable about their future so they might not have to face unemployment and layoffs when they enter the future labor market assuming they’re planning to go to college. You can also apply what I’ve written to your own self, no matter what your age, as they can not discriminate against you because of your age when applying for Civil Service Jobs as Civil Service is more aware of what rules they have to follow.

Starting Your Own Successful Home Business With Little Investment and No Inventory

Here are 3 ways that you can start a successful home business with little investment and no inventory that I do and is a great way to make money from home. Initially think of this as a way to supplement your income and as you become more and more successful, then you can think about doing this full-time but its not going to happen over night, so don’t give up your regular job beforehand. The 3 ways I make money from home are: 1. I buy things that I consider totally under priced on Ebay and then resell them at a price thats worth my while to make a decent profit, 2. I own my own Professional E-Commerce Online Stores with their own Individual Internet Domain Name(s) for which people buy products and goods that are owned and maintained by a billion dollar company that processes the sales transaction and sends out the products and pays me 4-6% of the gross sales price for each item sold from my Store without me doing anything! and 3. I write a blog, which you are reading actually where I make money from Google Adsense ads as well as make money by promoting my own e-commerce stores and make 4-6% for each sale I make on those stores.

English is a Great College Major and Great For Getting a Job and Succeeding in the Work Place

I majored in English in College and its a great major if you enjoy reading, like writing and hate taking tests! It also will impress job interviewers especially if you’ve taken a couple of business and math classes too!

If You Get Fired, Use E-Commerce to Account for Unemployment and You’ll Come Out Smelling Like Roses!

The worst thing about either being fired or having periods of unemployment is trying to account for it with a future employer.

Well I found the answer and it may actually impress the person reading your resume and land you a job. I’m talking E-Commerce, something that will cost you little to invest and will probably make you some money in the meantime. You can start your own e-commerce websites for whatever products or services you wish, with really no technical computer experience and relatively little money spent. I wish the Internet was around when I got out of school!