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Essential Living Items Checklist Affordable Items

Affordable Essential Living Items Checklist

Bristol Palin:Why Get Married After Child is Born out of Wedlock

While I personally doubt that Bristol Palin will marry Levi Johnston and really don’t care as its none of my business, what I don’t get and maybe someone can explain this to me is why if you’re knocked up get married after your child is born out of wedlock instead of before? Isn’t that like saving a village in Viet Nam by destroying it? Sorry, it’s a 60’s thing.

Renting An Apartment 20 Mistakes to Avoid Before Signing a Lease

As someone who’s rented an Apartment most of my adult life, I’ve made my share of mistakes when deciding to rent in different buildings and this blog is a list of things you should check on before renting your apartment that might not have occurred to you.

Why I’m Glad I Have Renter’s Insurance Even Though I’ve Never Had to File A Claim

I’m writing this because a friend of mine was recently burglarized of almost everything he had and didn’t have renters insurance and now is totally despondent and relying on loans for minimum subsistence items from his parents to get by. I’ve always lived in a nice apartment in a decent neighborhood but I seem to be one of the only people I know who rents and has Renters Insurance.

The Most Awesome Toilet of Mankind – I’d Buy It If I Was Rich!

A Picture’s Worth a 1000 Words

The (Logitech) Harmony Universal Remote – The Best Investment You’ll Ever Make

My home life revolves around entertainment: TV, music, DVDs but I hate clutter. Until a few years ago, I had around 8 different remotes lying on my coffee table and 8 different remotes lying next to my bed, which I had to operate individually in order to do anything for my home entertainment systems in my
living room and bedroom. This totally sucked. I tried a couple of cheap universal remotes and I had trouble programing them as well as using them and they screwed up besides. Then one day I saw the light and splurged on for me what was a lot of money for a Universal Remote – I bought a new Logitech Harmony 676 Universal Remote selling for $240 in the stores for about $150 online and its selling today for about $94 online. This was one of the best decisions I ever made on anything.

Live Good on the Cheap! Spend Less Money and Still Be Comfortable!

If you find that money is tight for you, here’s some ideas on how to spend less money but still be comfortable. Some I’m sure you either know or do, but some you may not. In no particular order:

The Comfort of Home Sweet Home – Thanks to the Computer and Electronics You Rarely Have to Leave It!

The thing I’m the most grateful for about modern life is thanks to technology, one rarely has to leave their home if they don’t want too and still be able to live a comfortable, full life. Of course if modern life didn’t bring about more crime, accidents, danger, lunatics and high gasoline prices in the first place, we probably wouldn’t feel the need to stay inside! Twenty years ago, parents encouraged their kids, to go out more. Now it’s the opposite! I know that my ex-girlfriend and myself, rarely left our cozy cocoon.