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God, the Devil Life in Outer Space Heaven and Hell Pecking Order?

God, the Devil, Life in Outer Space, Heaven and Hell, What is the Pecking Order?

SETI Alien Signals From Outer Space Be Careful What You Wish For

SETI Alien Signals Be Careful for What You Wish For We could be invaded by Aliens from Outer Space

Giant Alien Hand in Outer Space Prelude to an Alien Invasion?

I thought I’d give my faithful readers fair warning in case they have a deluxe nuclear bomb shelter to hide in, in case the Giant Alien Hand in Outer Space is prelude to an Alien Invasion. See the above picture as well as pictures of Martians here and an alien photographed by Google.

Google Street View Spots Alien from Outer Space in New Jersey

In what could be the greatest discovery in mankind, Google Street View spotted an alien from another planet in New Jersey in the town of Berkeley Heights.

It came out of the sky Texas Fireball Extended Video Life Copies Creedence Clearwater Revival and Deep Purple

It came out of the sky Texas Fireball Extended Video Life Copies Creedence Clearwater Revival and Deep Purple

If NASA and the Space Program Existed in 1700 How Exactly Would We Be Better Today?

I’ve always been a big fan of NASA and the Space Program, admiring what I consider an incredible success rate all things considering but it took me to mid adult hood till I finally realized it that the bottom line from the outside looking in is, how have we actually materially benefited? I’m not talking about getting answers to scientific questions but how exactly has our standard of living improved by it. We’ve poured billions, maybe trillions into it and what exactly have we gotten back in terms of making our lives better? Before I go on, if any one thinks differently about this, I welcome your comments and may even revise this article to include them with your permission (and a plug for anything you want me llist), as this isn’t intended to be an Anti Nasa Post but just a question of what have we gotten out of our tax dollars in terms of material not intellectual benefit.

Who Appointed Sarah Palin President? John McCain that’s who! Is this a Bloodless Invasion From Outer Space?

Did anyone ever consider the possibility that John McCain has been taken over by an alien as no human being in their right mind would put Sarah Palin in position to be President of the United States?

Unusual Insurance Policies Part 1 Including Aliens and the Supernatural

Here are some unusual insurance policies

Why Alien Life on Other Planets is Not a Good Thing – Remember What Happened to the Indians!

I believe that life exists on other planets and there is a chance outer space aliens have visited the Earth. I love watching TV shows and movies about aliens on other planets as well as reading science fiction stories about interplanetary life. But when you think about it though, why would anyone in their right mind want to contact alien life and let them know about Earth and our existence as the chances are what happened to the Indians when the white man discovered America, would happen to us 1000 times worse!