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The Cost of Stupidity Saving Money Tips in A Bad Economy (Repost)

What is the cost of stupidity? It is the financial cost of doing stupid things, it has nothing to do with morality or ethics. For instance the cost of stupidity for hockey player Sean Avery was the loss of 6 games salary for being suspended and the potential loss of millions of dollars for being cut from the Dallas Stars hockey team. It has nothing to do with him embarrassing himself or making vile and obnoxious remarks.

Jamie Lynn Spears 2 Babies – Brolin Palin 1 Baby (2?) Not Spending $1 On A Condom, Costs Millions!

Another child from Jamie Lynn Spears is reportedly coming into the world in an an encore performance.

I Never Went on A Fake Job Interview – One of my life’s Regrets!!

One thing I’ve always regretted not doing in life is going for a job interview for a position that I either had no interest in or knew I had no chance getting and just messing with the interviewer’s head as long as it didn’t bite me back. To people who are saying, why would I want to waste all this negative energy doing something so immature, my answer is because it would be a fun way to release stress after being messed with during job interviews. The interview that specifically comes to mind is, for a lousy $3,000 more, I was interviewed by 9 people at the same time around a large table and one of these people had a speech impediment and I couldn’t understand a word she was saying. For her initial question, I asked politely if she could please repeat it,as I didn’t quite understand what she was asking and the other 8 people looked at me like I was the village idiot. This went on for several more questions and after the second time, I basically just tried to guess what she asked and give the answers to what I thought she may have asked.