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I Never Went on A Fake Job Interview – One of my life’s Regrets!!

One thing I’ve always regretted not doing in life is going for a job interview for a position that I either had no interest in or knew I had no chance getting and just messing with the interviewer’s head as long as it didn’t bite me back. To people who are saying, why would I want to waste all this negative energy doing something so immature, my answer is because it would be a fun way to release stress after being messed with during job interviews. The interview that specifically comes to mind is, for a lousy $3,000 more, I was interviewed by 9 people at the same time around a large table and one of these people had a speech impediment and I couldn’t understand a word she was saying. For her initial question, I asked politely if she could please repeat it,as I didn’t quite understand what she was asking and the other 8 people looked at me like I was the village idiot. This went on for several more questions and after the second time, I basically just tried to guess what she asked and give the answers to what I thought she may have asked.