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Female Olympic Athletes vs Male Olympic Athletes Part 2: 2004 Olympic Females versus 1924 Chariots of Fire Olympic Men

This is Part 2 of a Series I’ve written on this Blog comparing the results of the 2004 Female Olympic Team with those of 1924 Mens Olympic Team on the exact same events. The results with 2 Major Exceptions are probably what you expected as opposed to Part 1 which compared the 2004 Women’s Team with the 1904 Mens Team in the same exact events and the results were startling. A Link for Part 1 is included in the beginning of this blog.

Female Olympic Athletes of 2004 vs Male Olympic Athletes of 1904 Would Beat the Men 2/3 of the Time

Here are the startling results if you compare the 2004 Female Olympic Athletes with the 1904 Male Olympic Athletes historical records on the exact same events with no differences. THis is Part 1 of a Series