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Free Rock Music Football Triva Contest with Prizes Win Ritchie Blackmore Autograph or Zippy the Pinhead Autographed Sketch or a Casio 2.5″ LCD TV- Sweet!

This free contest involving interrelated Football and Rock Music Trivia is open to everyone. The entry with the most correct answers for the first 10 questions wins. The questions are for the most part tricky. In the event of a tie, the First Place Winner will be decided by the tie breaker question, the total points scored by both teams in the Super Bowl. The guess closest to the total score if there is need for a tie breaker, wins. Prizes include your choice of an authentic Ritchie Blackmore autographed photo of the Deep Purple legend or a hand drawn autographed sketch of Zippy the Pinhead by creator Bill Griffith, or a 2.5″ Casio LCD Portable Handheld TV that will not be able to work in the United States after February 17. 2009.