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If NASA and the Space Program Existed in 1700 How Exactly Would We Be Better Today?

I’ve always been a big fan of NASA and the Space Program, admiring what I consider an incredible success rate all things considering but it took me to mid adult hood till I finally realized it that the bottom line from the outside looking in is, how have we actually materially benefited? I’m not talking about getting answers to scientific questions but how exactly has our standard of living improved by it. We’ve poured billions, maybe trillions into it and what exactly have we gotten back in terms of making our lives better? Before I go on, if any one thinks differently about this, I welcome your comments and may even revise this article to include them with your permission (and a plug for anything you want me llist), as this isn’t intended to be an Anti Nasa Post but just a question of what have we gotten out of our tax dollars in terms of material not intellectual benefit.