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Cnn.Com “Black Thanksgiving’ commences in L.A. this weekend” by David Aldridge is a perfect example of reverse racism by the Media and I for one am sick of it.

Iraq War Why is the Father of a Missing Child Being Sent to Iraq?

Scott Baum, Father of a Missing Child, Lindsey Baum Being Sent to Iraq

Why Do Victims Hurt the Innocent But Not the People Who Made Them Victims?

There’s a very destructive force in our society that for some reason goes unrecognized or unsaid because people are afraid to acknowledge it. I’m talking about “Victims” who instead of trying to get their revenge and hurt the people directly responsible for making them “Victims”, more often then not hurt people who did nothing to them in the first place and don’t do anything to the actual “Victimizer”. I’m not trying to make fun of victims or advocating hurting people who victimize you but I just don’t understand what the victims are actually accomplishing by lashing out at the innocent instead of the guilty.