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Fox House Suicide Kutner not Taub I Blew It, Sorry

I posted a blog about a week or so ago where I predicted Dr. Taub (Peter Jacobson) was going to commit suicide on House which in retrospect looks like its all wrong and its going to be Kutner (Kal Penn) instead as he chases that White Castle in Heaven or maybe its Hell because White Castle Hamburgers aren’t any good for you!

Fox House Suicide by Casting Taub Will Commit Suicide (I Think)

Let’s say a premature goodbye to Taub on “House” as it looks like too large a cast has brought about his upcoming Fox “House” suicide, I think.

House – If You Could Die in Your Sleep Would You Want to Be Woken Up & Told You Had 2 Hours to Live?

“House” is one of my favorite shows on TV- great stories, great acting, Hugh Laurie rules but I basically hated this year’s episodes because his team basically got shunted aside for “The Others”- and we saw what that did for Lost’s ratings! Anyway, I though this year’s finale was excellent except one major flaw that raised a major philosophical and ethical question which I thought was ridiculously done.