Flight 370 Traveled Through Time Warp See Flight 33 Twilight Zone

Flight 370 went through a Time Warp like Flight 33 on the Twilight Zone Episode “The Odyssey of Flight 33”, Twilight Zone Season 2, Episode 18. Unless Flight 370 is found that to me is the only thing that makes sense. The only chance to possibly find out what happened to Flight 370 if it went into the past is to scan history books for scientific irregularities in time. Before I go on, here courtesy of YouTube is the complete video of “The Odyssey of Flight 33”. It is in three parts as I could not find the entire episode in one complete video on You Tube.

There is always the possibility that Flight 370 will land sometime in the future. Have hope. As the late great Tug McGraw once said, “You Got to Believe.”

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