Mark Cuban Shark Tank I’m Buying Lifecaps Despite You Here’s Why

Mark Cuban Shark Tank I’m buying Lifecaps despite what you say and here’s why. While I agree with your comments and concerns, I think you are disregarding the Survival Emergency use of Lifecaps which is why I am buying them and how they appear to be marketed. Bottom line is I and many people keep a small carry on Emergency Survival Kit on Hand if the “Shit Hits the Fan” and say something like say an Earthquake. Having the Lifecaps in my Emergency Survival Kit would help sustain me if say I was trapped with nothing to eat for a bunch of days if I had nothing else. Of course without water I’d die anyway. The fact is even if this product is essentially some kind of multivitamin, its a lot easier to pack them in a small bag then a bunch of different Vitamins and look for these vitamins, etc.

Note unless I was down to nothing, I wouldn’t touch this stuff but if I was down to nothing, I sure as hell would use Lifecaps as I’d have nothing to lose. Why you don’t grasp that I don’t get. Please check out our large Online Discount Gift Store Click Here and our other Online Discount Stores below which helps support this politically incorrect blog. Thank you.

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