Phil Spector Without Wig Prison Preview and Hair Regrowth Tips

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Here are some interesting views of Phil Spector without his wig I found online, I don’t think prison allows wigs. Not sure if prison allows male hair regrowth treatments but if they do here are some tips on hair regrowth shampoo, Propecia, Rogaine and more. The above photo is Phil on “Prison Break”. Last minute update. Here is real Phil Spector au Natural taking a real “Prison Break”. Please note this is duplication of a previous blog because I decided to include this dated actual photo.

Bob Dylan 60’s Wig and Conehead

The I Ain’t Gonna Be Your Prison Bitch Look

Here’s How to Regrow Hair, Seriously

By trial and error, I’ve been using the following exact regiment of retail products and prescriptions from my Doctor for my hair and it works great and my hair looks pretty full and no longer looks thinning.

1. Propecia 1MG a Day at 6:30 at night. This is a prescription that your Doctor will have to write for you.

2. Extra Strength Unscented Rogaine Non-Foam, twice a day, when I wake up and before I go to Bed. Note, I put Rogaine on after I shampoo but I do not use a hair dryer, I towel dry my hair. My hair this way looks natural and does not look greasy. Out of curiosity, at one time, I tried for a few months using a prescription for a higher dosage of Minoxidil but didn’t see any improvement and it made my hair look greasy so I went back to the Extra Strength Rogaine. For all I know, the Rogaine Foam might work just as well, I just am not about to change a working combination.

3. Before I go go to sleep, I use the Amazing Laser Brush, which is a laser brush this guy sells on Ebay, and re-comb my hair normally for about a minute or 2. I think the guys instructions say a different method, but this is what I do. I do this before I put the Rogaine on. This is the only time I use this brush but I do it just once a Day. Note, I don’t know this guy nor do I have any financial interest in him or his Product. Laser brushes sell for a lot of money and this brush was affordable to me as it cost me around $110 give or take. This is just my unsolicited consumer recommendation.

4. I use Nioxin Bionutrient Protectives Cleaners as my regular shampoo which you can get from a Hair Salon. Once or twice a week I use Selsun Blue Menthol Medicated Dandruff shampoo, instead.

5. I also have my hair colored once every 6 weeks or so and don’t go under the dryer when doing this. I think hair coloring also thickens the hair a bit.

Please remember, this is my routine and it may not work for you. If you do decide to use Rogaine (which is over the counter) just make sure from your physician that you can use it, the same with Propecia (which is a prescription drug). Do not toss caution to the wind. Play safe, Once you do start with a program, I would follow it consistently through for at least 6 months. I’m guessing that you will start to see a little improvement in 2-4 months and if you haven’t seen any improvement in 6 months, you might want to reevaluate things. Try to avoid prison as I’m not sure you’ll be allowed to do this routine there.

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