Rob Zombie Psychomania Remake Motorcycles Suicide Satan Undead

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I just saw the greatest Motorcycles Mass Suicide Satan the Undead Frog Worship cult 1973 movie, “Psychomania” and they don’t make them like that any more. If there was a Rob Zombie “Psychomania” remake it would be a huge hit so if by any chance Rob Zombie reads this, Do It Rob! I don’t know anything about Rob Zombie’s music but I love Rob Zombie movies. If you’ve never seen Psychomania before it is available on DVD in a nice package featuring interviews with the Psychomania cast 38 years later, a feature on the great Pink Floyd Deep Purple like soundtrack and a humorous feature on Harvey Andrews, the recording artist who performed the soundtracks only vocal recording.

Psychomania is one of those low budget films that is so bad its great. I mean think about it: How many movies are there about Satan, Motorcycle gangs of rich English misfits who decide to become undead by simply willing it by committing suicide in different ways and then coming back to life and creating murderous mayhem while worshiping frogs with a Pink Floyd Deep Purple like soundtrack? Somehow the great George Sanders somehow agreed to be cast in “Psychomania” and he committed suicide supposedly soon after being seen a rough cut of “Psychomania”.

Remember “when you die you’ve got to believe that you’re going to come back”. This is the essential message of Psychomania, a Zombie Biker Cult Classic.

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