Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Best Case and Protection Combination

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Best Case and Protection Combination in my personal opinion is a combination of 1. the Zagg Invisible HD Shield for your Galaxy Note 3 display (left picture on top), 2. SUPCASE Samsung Galaxy Note 3/Note III Unicorn Beetle Premium Hybrid Case (Clear/Black Middle pic on top) and 3. Reiko Samsung Galaxy Note 3 III Pouch Black Leather Clip Holster (right pic on top) which I suggest you cut the back loops off so you it fits sleekly in your pocket. It comes in especially handy for me as I ride my electric bicycle everywhere and the Reiko Pouch always stays in my pockets without falling out and protects the Note 3 from coins, keys, and other items in my pockets and if somehow God forbid, the pouch fell out. It took me about 5 minutes to cut off the loops in the back including the middle loop with metal which just pulled out which makes it a sleeker pocket fit.

Through trial and error, I found that the Reiko Samsung Galaxy Note 3 III Pouch Black Leather Clip Holster was the only pouch that could comfortably fit the Galaxy Note 3 fitted with the Supcase and be able to get the Galaxy Note 3 out of the pouch fast and effortlessly. With other pouches I tried it was too tight a fit with the Supcase which is highly rated, looks great and is only $14 on sale from a $20 Retail Cost Reduction. The Zagg InvisibleSHIELD HD for Samsung Galaxy Note III Mobile Phones is $25.99 from Best Buy who will happily install it for free for you on request. This shield does a great job preventing scratches and looks really nice and is easy to use the S Pen feature on as well as tapping and pushing.

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