Sarah Palin Lost Weight Since University of Idaho From Chunky to Glamorous

This is going to be the first complimentary blog I’ve ever written on Vice President Candidate Sarah Palin at the Gifts and Free Advice Blog ( ) I just saw this photo of Sarah Palin taken when she was going to the University of Idaho in 1986 and she, to be totally politically incorrect, looked chunky (left) and I can’t believe she’s the babe on the right today. Whatever she did to change her image since then, deserves to be applauded. Sarah Palin I salute you.

It looks like she changed her image 100%. Besides taking off the pounds, she changed that awful hairstyle and the clothes and her glasses actually make her look better. Sarah you should be a a stylist not an Alaskan Governor. Either that or she has her own stylist who transformed her. Actually the before and after image reminds me of a John Hughes movie. I can just see one now of Sarah Palin’s life. I just wish she didn’t run for Vice President! Please check out our large Online Discount Gift Store Click Here and our other Online Discount Stores below which helps support this politically incorrect blog. Thank you.

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