Telstar Movie Star James Corden Americas Next Oliver Hardy But Why the Hate? (Repost)

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I just saw an amazing actor, James Corden who stars as drummer Clem Cattini in the British Movie, Telstar, the Story of Joe Meek a legendary insane English Record Producer of the 1960’s which hasn’t been released yet in the United States and I don’t think is the kind of movie that would do well in American Movie Theaters with mainstream audiences of which I am one. This Blog isn’t a review of “Telstar” which I found very unsettling but at times very good and which I saw on an exported DVD, but a praise of British Actor James Corden who I never heard of till “Telstar” but was shocked at all the hate he seems to be getting by British people on the IMDB Message Board, a hate that I’ve only seen surpassed on IMDB for the late Ron Silver, even in death, albeit there are now a lot of deleted Ron Silver posts.

As I said I never saw or heard of James Corden before but based on Telstar this guy could be the next Oliver Hardy- Laurel and Hardy Fame in case you’re way younger than I am! Just looking at James Cordon in Telstar makes me laugh with him and I can’t think of any other actor or comedian that does this. What’s especially great about James Corden’s performance in Telstar is even though he’s the totally chubby butt of his bands jokes as Clem Cattini, he’s also totally believable as the leader of his band and he exhibits self confidence and pride as well as self effacing humor. He plays the drums great in Telstar as well and does a neat drum stick flip.

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