The Mentalist Red John Revealed Wrong Nurse Lisbons Hospital Room

Last night’s episode of The Mentalist Red John was Revealed. Red John Was the Nurse in Lisbon’s Hospital room who entered by “Mistake” looking for a Mrs. Carmen Lee (or Li). That’s right, Red John is a woman and was shown as the nurse (or perhaps she’s a Doctor) last night, October 7, 2013, you heard it first on the Gifts and Free Advice Blog. Red John is pictured above from the episode “Black-Winged Redbird”. Notice the Nurse’s hair appears to be Red too!

The Mentalist Scriptwriters screwed up big time tonight! Specifically when the “Nurse” entered Lisbon’s Hospital room by “mistake”, the bottom line for all you regular TV watchers is neither the nurse nor the scene where she entered the room by mistake had a bearing on the episode, so why in fact was it done? This scene was too obscure to be a Red Herring (no pun intended) and unless one of the Powers That Be owed the actress a favor or wanted to have sex with her, there is zero reason for this scene’s existence. Of course there is the possibility is she could be one of Red Johns minions and she was in the room for a reason to be revealed in a later Mentalist episode.

There is also the possibility maybe the “Head or Body” in the oven isn’t the Psychiatrist at all and the female psychiatrist is Red John. Please check out our large Online Discount Gift Store Click Here and our other Online Discount Stores below which helps support this politically incorrect blog. Thank you.

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